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Cleaning Companies in Bahrain

G4S Bahrain - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:29
We provide solutions for the effective management of your facilities and services which have a significant positive impact on operational efficiency and business performance.
P.O. Box 15193, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Liverpool Services - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:292
We have been fully trained on the use of rope access systems by an IRATA certified trainer who came to Bahrain for this purpose. Our equipment is all top quality IRATA approved...
Mega Manchester Cleaning Services WLL - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:48
Residential cleaning, Commercial cleaning, External Cleaning , One off cleaning, Contractual Cleaning, Housekeeping, Restaurants & Hotels services , Supply of skilled operatives
Quick Zebra Services - Bahrain
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View phone number - Views:425
Quick Zebra Services (QZS) is the leading cleaning and maintenance company in the Kingdom of Bahrain with over 1200 employees trained to British Institute Cleaning Science (BICS) methodology...
YSCC Pest Control & Cleaning Services - Bahrain
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View phone number - Views:262
Carpet shampooing, Sofa set cleaning, Marble/tile polishing, Garden cleaning, Windows & High glasses cleaning, Sign Board cleaning, Water tank cleaning, Insecticides for Bed bugs, Cockroaches etc..
Building No. 802, Road No. 415, Block No. 704, Salamabad
Ziwanb Constructions & Cleaning - Bahrain
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View phone number - Views:83
Ziwanb Construction & Trading is a professionally managed organization specialized in the ares of construction , interior design & trading.
Bld 650, Road 3625, Block 336, Adliya, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Homecare Cleaning and Maintenance - Bahrain
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View phone number - Views:487
Home Care is the cleaning and maintenance services division of Property One Investments Co, Bahrain’s leading property Services Company. The division was established in 2010 to complement the...
Kooheji Building Care - Bahrain
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View phone number - Views:331
Kooheji Building Care (KBC) has been working in Bahrain since 1984. We have more than 950 Employees, Housekeeping Dept.,200 Construction and Cleaning Equipments. Call : +973 36 849 849
Bahrain Express - Bahrain
Top Ad
View phone number - Views:67
Bahrain and Foreign Manpower Suppliers Clearing of Government Documents and Consular Affairs.
54037-4/Flat 12/Bldg 1179, Road 4330/ Block 243, P.O.Box: 365, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Chemdry - Bahrain
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View phone number - Views:96
Chemdry Bahrain is world’s leading carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning services provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Bonjour Cleaning Company - Bahrain
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View phone number - Views:133
Bonjour Cleaning Services, we\'ve been cleaning Bahrain offices, schools, hospitals, and homes .
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Very Clean Cleaning Contractors - Bahrain
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View phone number - Views:129
Very Clean provides modern cleaning solutions for both businesses and homes that enhance what cleaning really is and how it contributes to improving the daily life of our consumers.
Budaiya, Kingdom of bahrain.
Yeereh Cleaning and Contracting - Bahrain
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View phone number - Views:190
YEEREH CLEANING AND CONTRACTING, a single hub for all your cleaning needs. Our core services include the following. We undertake all kinds of cleaning and maintenance works.
P.O Box: 15789, Building No: 237a, Road 117, Block 701, Tubli, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Manila Gate Cleaning - Bahrain
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View phone number - Views:124
We do all type of cleaning including general cleaning, Villas, individual houses, Shops, Restaurants, Offices for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.
Valentine Cleaning - Bahrain
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View phone number - Views:164
Valentine Cleaning & Contracting Bahrain is specialized in providing services of Cleaning Services monthly. weekly. daily or hourly.
Kingdom of Bahrain
Pakarab Group of Companies - Bahrain
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View phone number - Views:883
Pakarab Contracting Co. W.L.L, a pioneer in construction, Transport, Cleaning, Contracting, Manpower and Real Estate activities.
Office 92, Building 254, Road 2007, Block 320, Al-Hoora, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Discount Cleaning Company Bahrain - Bahrain
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View phone number - Views:784
Whether you\'re a home cleaning customer or you want to make use of our affordable and effective commercial cleaning services, you\'ll get the finest quality service in Bahrain...
24 hrs Total Home Care - Bahrain
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View phone number - Views:367
Call 17 100 190, Total Home Care Cleaning & Maintenance Services in Bahrain for all your building maintenance & cleaning services in Bahrain...
4Stars Cleaning Co - Bahrain
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View phone number - Views:716
We at Four Star offer nothing but the best for our clients.Four Star General Cleaning provides unsurpassed office cleaning and maintenance services through ...Your partner in home,hotels,officers...
AL Sherooqi Services - Bahrain
Top Ad
View phone number - Views:510
AL Sherooqi Services is one of the leading cleaning & Pest Control solutions providers in Bahrain with quality services at a reasonable price...Cleaning Services include:Cleaning Contracts,Exter...
Mob: +973 368 00 676 / 3838 2 676. P B No: ,,Kingdom Of Bahrain. Tel. Off.:,Fax.:
Al Tawfeek Maintenance Services Co WLL - Bahrain
Top Ad
View phone number - Views:425
Leading service providers in the of Bahrain,catering to the Industrial and Domestic sectors,both Government and Private.Our Services:Office Cleaning Stripping and Sealing,Porter Services,Floor...
P.O.Box 24349 Salamabad, Manama Kingdom of Bahrain
Al Wardi Cleaning & Maintenance Contracting - Bahrain
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View phone number - Views:93
We can handle all type of office cleaning in Halifax and surrounding areas including all offices, High rise building cleaning, carpet cleaning, floors, windows, partitions, washing walls and ceilings.
P.O.Box:15573, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Anhar Hygiene Co. Maintenance & Cleaning S.P.C - Bahrain
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View phone number - Views:363
Anhar Hygiene Co. offers unique services of routine maintenance, daily repairs and cleaning contracts with newly updated techniques in the area of maintenance and cleaning...
Bayan Al Bahrain - Bahrain
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View phone number - Views:511
BAYAN AL BAHRAIN Cleaning. Sofa, carpet & rugs shampooing, Tiles & Marble polishing, General cleaning & pest control.
P.O.Box. 945, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Clean & Green Cleaning - Bahrain
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View phone number - Views:273
Call: 3999 6717/3992 2434/3977 7437 - We are a privately owned company that takes pride in our services; we have a wide range of packages that compliment your lifestyle and professional needs.
Cleaning Leaders - Bahrain
Top Ad
View phone number - Views:738
Contractual services for Internal & External Cleaning,External Structure cleaning,Cleaning manpower suppliers,Pest control,Housekeeping services,Office cleaning services,Carpet shampooing...
D C Contracting WLL - Bahrain
Top Ad
View phone number - Views:235
DC Contracting Co. W.L.L. is one of the fastest growing construction, maintenance, & cleaning solutions company in the Kingdom of Bahrain...
Green Tag Contracting - Bahrain
Top Ad
View phone number - Views:170
We offer: Residential Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Floor Waxing & Polishing, Carpet Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning & Washing, Mattress Cleaning, Window Cleaning
appnmnt made today @2.30pm. 22.02.216- company closed.
Midtown Cleaning - Bahrain
Top Ad
View phone number - Views:341
Midtown Cleaning is a highly professional cleaning services company.We offer extensive general & detailed cleaning services to both residential and commercial buildings...
Newtech Cleaning WLL - Bahrain
Top Ad
View phone number - Views:51
Specialists in: Supply/Fix Marble/Granite. Marble restoration, Floor protection treatment, Project deep cleaning, Anti-Termite treatment.
Sovereign Contracting Professional cleaning - Bahrain
Top Ad
View phone number - Views:167
We have a proven track record for providing consistent janitorial cleaning for industries such as offices, schools, medical practices, manufacturing facilities, churches, day cares, and retail...
Top Ad
View phone number - Views:415
Cleaning services at its best!Regular cleaning General,cleaning Deep cleaning External,Window Cleaning,Specialty cleaning,Upholstery and sofa shampooing Housekeeping,Pest control,Helpers...
For Deals : call 6500 8844
7 Hills Group - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:889
Cleaning Contractors Manpower Consultants & Suppliers Mechanical & Mechanical Engineering Contractors Pest Control Services, Equipment & Sup...
Abdul Aal Cleaning & Maintenance Est WLL - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:845
General Cleaning of Commercial & Residential, Educational, Industrial (Deep cleaning of floors, carpets, windows and others)Floor & Marble M...
AHA Laundry - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:762
All the cleaning operations are executed in a central plant.Dirty and clean garments are transferred via an efficient fleet network between ...
Al Azhar Cleaning Est - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:848
Contract cleaning,Industrial cleaning,General cleaning,Personnel Hire,Aluminium works.Our Services Covers:Hospitals,Factory,Executive Clubs,...
Al Manama Cleaning & Maint - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:1094
Professionals for:General Cleaning,Offices & Companies Cleaning,Pest Control,Skip Services,Wrought Iron Workshop...
Al Saadoon Group SPC - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:898
Al Saadoon Group SPC is a professional cleaning company in the Kingdom of Bahrain,offering a wide range of Cleaning Services and rendering t...
Al Wadad Constructing Est - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:875
Contract Cleaning, General Cleaning (Daily,Weekly,Monthly,Yearly Basis)carpet cleaning, Office Cleaning, After Party Cleaning, After Builder...
View phone number - Views:807
Our Services:Packing and removable,Commercial and residential cleaning,move out cleaning,carpet washing,home and office routine cleaning,pes...
AtA cleaning services - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:872
AtA cleaning services:Clean villas& flats,Buildings Cleaning and companies,General Cleaning& polishing,Cleaning all types of carpets and rug...
Famcon Cleaning International Est. - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:913
our impressive client portfolio which includes multinational offices, local & international schools, financial hubs & cities, leading banks,...
Oceanic Contracting - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:751
Oceanic is a Bahrain based service company that offers building improvement,maintenance and cleaning services to the residential and corpora...
Ramada Services - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:845
We offer a number of cleaning options to allow you to stay within your budget and come home to a sparkling clean house guaranteed.Our goal i...
Redmack Industrial Services (Bahrain) W.L.L - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:853
The company is managed by Mannai Trading & Investment Co. Ltd and is manned by experienced & professional staff extending the following serv...
Royal Cleaning & Pest Control - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:855
Cleaning and Pest Control
Ruby cleaning contracting - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:808
RUBY CLEANING CONTRACTING company as one of the leading company in the field of Cleaning, Cleaner & Messenger Services, Transportation Ser...
Star Group Co.S.P.C - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:847
At Star Group Company we are assigned to accomplish mission assigned and directly responsible for the cleanliness and habitability of the on...
Tanzifco-Bahrain s.p.c. - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:859
Cleaning Services (First Grade)Contract cleaning,Industrial cleaning,General cleaning.Our Services:Covers:Hospitals,Factories,Executive Club...
YSN Cleaning Services - Bahrain
View phone number - Views:846
Our mission is to enhance the image, comfort and function of your facilities by providing professional cleaning services using properly trai...

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